IDSM service data privacy

IDSM service is operated and maintained by ELIXIR CZ. See also the respective terms of use for all ELIXIR CZ services.

For planning and scientific review purposes, ELIXIR CZ will keep records of service usage. ELIXIR CZ may make information about the total volume of usage of particular software or databases to third parties organisations who supply the software or databases.

Logs of usage may also be maintained for the purposes of monitoring and improving services, and measuring the impact a particular service has on our resources.

The logged information may include:

These logs will not be made available for any other purposes or to third parties. We regard the nature of the communication carried out by any individual user as confidential, and shall make every reasonable attempt to prevent breaches of that confidentiality.

ELIXIR CZ does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of any breach of the confidentiality of ELIXIR CZ site by third parties who, by any means, gain illegitimate access to the information.


  • Jakub Galgonek
  • Mirek Kratochv√≠l

IDSM Service